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Site Updates In March 2015

Thanks to our volunteers and the financial sponsorship of The Bitcoin Foundation, we made the following accomplishments this month.

  • No more broken links: all internal links on’s 834 pages are now automatically checked by HTML Proofer through our Travis Continuous Integration (CI) infrastructure. We plan to enable HTML Proofer’s HTML validation subroutine in the future to provide even better quality assurance. Thanks to HTML Proofer author Garen Torikian for writing such a great tool!

  • Coinapult wallet was briefly removed from the Choose Your Wallet page after they suffered a security breach. After restoring full services to their customers and assuring us that customer deposits are safe, we re-added them.

  • KnC wallet has been removed from the Choose Your Wallet page after multiple issues, including an abandoned website, no new commits to their codebase in several months, and reports that their iOS app no longer worked. (In positive news, we have received reports that it is still possible to recover funds from the wallet seed.)

  • Translations were updated thanks to translation volunteers on Transifex.

  • Seven new events were added. Please check the Events page to see whether there are any interesting Bitcoin meetups or conferences in your area.

  • New pages & features: a developer documentation glossary section and Javascript-based search engine were proposed but not quite finished by the end of the month.

Site Traffic

According to or website statistics, 4.3 million people visited the website in March. However, as seen in the illustration below, there was a suspicious spike in visits that look like a possible attempt at referer spam (even though we don’t publish referer information). Almost all of the suspicious traffic was directed at the Spanish, Dutch, and French home pages, leaving statistics for the rest of the site fairly accurate.

We suspect the accurate number of unique visitors in March was around 2.0 million, roughly the same as in February.

March traffic statistics graph

Notable traffic patterns this month included:

Thank You Volunteers!

Special thanks to the 19 volunteers who contributed and commented through GitHub this month: anthonyc0603, arvicco, barmstrong, Bitcoinference, borisstankovic, ConsumersResearch, dajohi, dquintela, Firescar96, FrancisPouliot, gurnec, harding, larshesel, LinusU, louisjc, luke-jr, muresanroland, pstratem, and saivann.