About the Bitcoin Core pages on Bitcoin.org

Bitcoin.org hosts several pages about Bitcoin Core as well as the Bitcoin Core downloads, but the Bitcoin.org and Bitcoin Core open source projects are run by separate teams.


Bitcoin.org was originally used by Satoshi Nakamoto to host his Bitcoin paper. Soon after, it began linking to downloadable versions of the original Bitcoin software, making it the homepage for the Bitcoin program.

New educational content about Bitcoin was added to Bitcoin.org over time, but that home page remained even when the name of the original program was changed to Bitcoin Core.

In the years since, the amount of content on Bitcoin.org has continued to increase. There’s more content about Bitcoin Core than ever before and also more content about other Bitcoin software and resources.

Separation of concerns

As of Dec 2015, Bitcoin.org has 876 pages in 25 different languages, but fewer than 100 of those pages belong to Bitcoin Core. The Bitcoin Core project has no control over those non-Core pages or any polices enacted on them.

Likewise, content provided through the Bitcoin Core pages is not necessarily endorsed or supported by the Bitcoin.org contributors.


Pull requests and issues directly relating to Bitcoin Core are tagged as Core in the Bitcoin.org repository.