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Bitcoin version 0.3.23 released

14 June 2011

Win32, Linux, MacOSX and source releases for bitcoin v0.3.23 have been uploaded to

This is another quick bugfix release, trying to deal with the influx of new bitcoin users.

Priority for next version: wallet encryption

Main items of note:

P2P connect-to-node logic changed to reduce timeout a bit. The network saw a huge influx of new users, who do not permit incoming connections. This change is a short-term hack, to more quickly hunt for useful P2P connections. Better “leaf node” logic is in the works, but this should let us limp along until then. One may use -upnp to properly forward ports, and help the network. Transaction fee reduced to 0.0005 for new transactions (see note below) Client will relay transactions with fees as low as 0.0001 BTC (see note below)

NOTE: There has been some fee confusion recently. Free transactions are supported and relayed as they always have been, according to special anti-spam rules. See for details.

There were no changes between -rc1 and -final.

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